Friday, July 22, 2016

Words Fly

Here and Now

Listening to words
Hearing words 
we need to understand 
The Good and Bad…the TV we see 
Words that shimmer and/or punch
Upset the brain, not a great lunch!

Sometimes we all need
A bubble to hear the thoughts
Behind the words, we heard 
Some concepts obscured! 

What actions are implied
past, present, and future
By the words

What are the interior spaces
Filled with ?  
behind the words 
think we know but.... Maybe? No?

The thoughts...
at the brink 
of looking down and up
 at the same time!
No reason or rhyme.
Words should sing a song to fill us up.
Hard edged reactions can still rise
Reactions surprise!

I grab the thoughts in the air 
What will work today and future time
Doesn't always rhyme
What will work in generations to come
Must be done 

Where we all live
Love will help us give.
Here and now
Love will find how!

Not the strange and hard choices at hand,
But the larger ideas behind them
Constitutional Concerns

Must stand

Monday, July 11, 2016

A Basic Rule

A Peace of Soap

Clean up this mess with multicolored hope
Lack of compassion
So we need a better soap

Peace is not the lack of war 
lack of confusion
Is what We are looking for

To stand side by side in the center of the rage
Lack of connection
But willing to start on a new blank page

Peace can come home when no one needs fame
Lack of competition
Understanding and education is the name of the game

This World will not be free from violent action 
Lack of corruption 
Is The desired and necessary reaction

Clean up your mess you were taught in school
Lack of cooperation
Is against  the "work together on this" rule

Friday, June 10, 2016

Helpful Stars

Connecting The Stars

Some time I wonder
Sometimes I think I know
What do I really want
Where will life go?

Love and friendship are 
on top of the list
I have this and give this
so what have I missed?

Some connection is waiting
to be hooked  that is true
I don't know what now,
what I should do?

Life is deep 
and full of option
So stars help me find
the true connection

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Colore Collide A painting in progress

This large oil is from memory of colors and shapes and movement!!

I have been working on the Colors Collide 
painting from the Grand Canyon raft trip

The back rocks and the right rocks now have more then a background color
Next is work on the left side

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Hills And Biking Up


The fabric of life
There are wrinkles and folds
Causing biker’s hill strife
There are rocks and hills in canyon molds

Difficulties give us ladders to the stars

Sometimes I might think to suggest
Life would be better if it were flat
Then biking up would not bring breathing protest
But life is not meant to be like a tumbling mat

Difficulties tightly tie the quilting strings

We would miss there vistas that now abound
Loosing life’s ups and downs—-not a chance
Where would the wind bounce to make it’s sound
How would the canyon show its color dance

Difficulties help us sing our song

So I am grateful for the hill and rock mixture
Grateful for the canyons, hills, valleys, and oceans
Painting, biking, family and friends give life's quilt texture
Stitching life’s challenges with the threads of motion

Difficulties are the backing that makes life’s quilt strong

(AND put gray hair where it does not belong !!)

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Camping Poetry

Napkin Stationary

Moon is just sailing in the sky
Dinner is cleared and packed away
Ride is a memory stored in tired eyes
Birds are singing their goodnight cries
Chilled is the air around my shoes
Out here no nightly news
Just gold as the sun sets behind the farm
Camping has now added its eternal charm
Lights go on in the distant town
I am grateful to lay my head down

My On-Line Connection

I Bike The Line

I follow the trail line
 bike the line

Look for the path to start
Go as the line may lead my heart

Off the path most taken
Not the path most taken

The line goes far
I'm not on a path for a car

Wind carries the flowers smell
Biking brings closer the wind carried smell

A Tent at night is best
This gives me a great nights rest

Life Line blown by Bird song and Blue
Life of movement in a bike shoe

Life of time away from all distractions
Life full of bike trail reactions

Thank you life for this different line
All the stars above that shine